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A Solidary Christmas for the Children!

During the holidays, OLVEA Foundation added its touch of warmth and solidarity to the magic of Christmas!

🎁 A Christmas atmosphere for the little hearts of the Hospital of Fécamp: This year, we contributed to the purchase of toys for the children who are unwell at the Fécamp's hospital. A wonderful initiative by the association "Le Rêve des Héros," which was mobilized to collect and distribute the gifts. Thanks to the collective commitment of partners (👋 King Jouet & CH de Fécamp) and the generosity of everyone involved, we were able to bring a beautiful smile to the brave faces of these little warriors.

🍬 Sweet treats for the children of Ochakov, Ukraine: In a spirit of solidarity that transcends borders, OLVEA Foundation also funded the purchase of sweets for the children in Ochakov, a city in Ukraine. This action holds a special significance as it connects us to a former colleague from that region, affected by the consequences of war. It's our way of expressing support and spreading a little sweetness in these challenging times.

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