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Odyssey of Hô - Scene 1 " The discovery of a drawn child and a drop"

✨ Discover Odyssey of Hô!

⏯️ We start this week with scene 1 « The discovery of a drawn child and a drop » :

« A white point stands out and moves in the interstellar void, like an oscilloscope. In the distance, appear planets connected between them by a passage.

Hô, then represented by a simple line drawing, reveals itself beside the white point, become a metamorphic drop. After having established a first visual contact, Hô realizes that the appearance of the drop can be modified: it becomes a boat, then a glider. The child climbs on this glider and finds herself sucked into a vortex that carries them towards the planet of the winds.»


Initiated and financed by OLVEA’s Philanthropic Fund

Support: city of Fécamp Agglo Fécamp

Video drone : bruno ballandonne


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