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Odyssey of Hô - Scene 2 " The planet of the winds"

✨ Discover Odyssey of Hô!

⏯️ Let continue with scene 2 « The planet of the winds » :

« Sitting on her glider, Hô floats in the air, but quickly a huge tornado takes shape. Then, several whirlwinds come to disturb this planet. The elements swirl violently in these unusual winds and Hô must then use her imagination to get out of this climatic bad step.

She draws a rudder on her glider which allows her to cross and avoid the tornadoes without any problem.

But suddenly, the glider takes speed and Hô finds herself again absorbed by a vortex which will lead them towards a new planet.»


Initiated and financed by OLVEA’s Philanthropic Fund

Support: city of Fécamp Agglo Fécamp

Video drone : bruno ballandonne


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