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Odyssey of Hô - Scene 3 " The planet of water"

✨ Discover Odyssey of Hô!

⏯️ Let's continue with scene 3 « The planet of the water » :

« Hô and her conscience, again metamorphosed from a glider to a drop, fall while spinning at the exit of the vortex. The drop then transforms into a boat and they land on an ocean.

The child starts to sail peacefully but quickly, she sways with the swell, without being able to direct the boat.

Enormous waves are formed and Hô must find a solution to get out of this perilous and abnormal situation. She draws a sail on her boat in order to direct it peacefully.

It is then that appears a huge wave which breaks on the boat. Hô waves her arms to create a bubble around her to protect herself. The child finds herself submerged and dives into the abyss of this planet, discovering magnificent oceanic funds. The drop then metamorphoses into a submarine and Hô explores a world of bright lights and darkness.

Again, a vortex appears and takes them to a new planet.»


Initiated and financed by OLVEA’s Philanthropic Fund

Support: city of Fécamp Agglo Fécamp

Video drone : bruno ballandonne


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