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Odyssey of Hô - Scene 4 " The planet of seasons"

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⏯️ Let's continue with scene 4 « The planet of seasons» :

« Hô discovers then a cubic planet where 4 of its faces represent a season. It seems to be inert and the inner mechanism, at a standstill, takes shape.

Always accompanied by her conscience, the child observes this lack of movement. The drop then metamorphoses into a mechanical wheel and is placed in the gear. The planet comes to life, trees grow on all four sides but the seasons intermingle. It snows in spring, buds grow on the trees in autumn, the leaves show their beautiful green color in winter and fall in spring. But Hô shows resilience and manages to restore the cycle of the seasons.

Everything seems to be back in order on this beautiful planet, but Ho is being sucked back to its center. She sees a blue dot in the distance, towards which she inexorably falls and loses consciousness.»


Initiated and financed by OLVEA’s Philanthropic Fund

Support: city of Fécamp Agglo Fécamp

Video drone : bruno ballandonne


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