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Odyssey of Hô - Scene 5 " The planet earth"

✨ Discover The Odyssey of Hô!

⏯️ Let's finish with scene 5 « The planet earth» :

« Hô opens his eyes and sees in the sky a small point drawing the mark of an oscilloscope. The drop has become again this small distant point and Hô finds herself alone on this new planet.

The girl is lying down, dazzled by the sun rays. She puts her hand to protect herself, gently spreads her fingers that she did not have as a child drawn and discovers that she has arrived on the planet Earth.

These multiple experiences crossed with courage as well as the fight against the climatic disturbance shaped and enriched her. Her appearance has changed: Hô has been transformed into a human being.

Hô became a charming little girl.»


Initiated and financed by OLVEA’s Philanthropic Fund

Support: city of Fécamp Agglo Fécamp

Video drone : bruno ballandonne


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