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Sponsorship of students from Fécamp - 2019

For the seventh year, OLVEA’s Philanthropic Fund has organized a sponsorship agreement for future post-secondary graduates, in order to contribute to the financing of their first two years of higher education. These scholarships are intended for future baccalaureate holders, deserving for their academic results, who have difficulty accessing higher education through their personal means, and who are oriented towards the world of private enterprise. The objective of this sponsorship is to help the emergence of future talents, likely to be at the origin of job creation in Fécamp and in the region. Three categories of scholarships have been offered: "Equal opportunities" scholarships, "Young entrepreneurs" scholarships and a "Coup de cœur" scholarship.

This year, 5 students have been selected by the Committee, composed of the high schools representatives and OLVEA’s Philanthropic Fund. The selected students have various profiles, different line of business and projects: veterinary preparation, scientific preparation, pharmacy and international trade...

On Thursday, July 11th 2019, during the signing ceremony for the sponsorship agreements, which took place at OLVEA’s headquarters, the students were able to meet their respective tutors, privileged interlocutors exercising a professional activity in the fécampoise region.

Since the beginning of this operation in 2013, 47 students have benefited from our sponsorship program!


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