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Human Solidarity Day

🎅 Christmas is not just a celebration or a season, it's a state of mind! It's about sharing, paying more attention to others, as well as showing #generosity and #solidarity. 🤗

This year, OLVEA’s employees offered a touch of magic to people who need it.

Everyone was invited to prepare one (or more) gift boxes for disabled adults from the association APAEI (Association of Parents and Friends of Disabled Children) in Fécamp.

🎁 The idea was simple: take a shoebox and fill it with few items (treats, toys, beauty products) to warm hearts.

Many participated in this demonstration of solidarity. The boxes were offered on December 17th during APAEI's Christmas Day, where we were greeted by 42 brighly lit faces! ✨

Together, let’s spread the Christmas spirit and…think about others!


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