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Orphanage and schools - Marocavie

Marocavie, created in 2008, is a charitable organization, arisen from the will of the collaborators of OLVEA Morocco to participate in the sustainable development of Morocco. It brings its support to economic, social and environmental projects, for the rural populations from southwest Morocco (particularly in the region of the arganeraie).

This organization has already brought its support to the orphanage of Taroudant, 5 primary schools in the region of Essaouira, and had supplied and installed a water irrigation pump in the region of Biougra.

In 2013, Marocavie financed the works in the school Stara, which belongs to the school complex IBNOU BATOUTA in the region of Essaouira, which allowed the construction of an enclosing wall, new paintings and some reperations of the building.

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