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Earthquake in Morocco - an encouraging step!

We want to inform you about the progress and actions taken following the recent earthquake in Morocco. Thanks to an exceptional generosity, significant resources have been mobilized to support MarocaVie, our local association.

Donations, whether from our individual colleagues, French companies like OPUS project and SARL RIAUX-LAGARDE, or even engaged young people participating in a charity run (👋Ensemble Scolaire Lasalle Igny Saint-Nicolas), have enabled the rapid distribution of schoolbags and supplies. This initiative helped bring a breath of normality to the children...

However, our commitment does not end there. The dedicated teams at MarocaVie continue to work tirelessly to identify needs and implement sustainable solutions. The path of reconstruction is long in the affected douars, but your continued support is a glimmer of hope.

Thank you to all those who contributed, near or far, to this chain of solidarity. Together, we make a difference.


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